can chiropractic care boost my immune system

Chiropractic care has been shown to boost your immune system response.

Keeping your immune system strong is more important than ever. Boosting your immune system’s strength is something we should all strive for. Find out how a Cocoa Beach chiropractor can help boost your immune system!

Spinal adjustments can fix misalignment of the spine that directly causes neural dysfunction, and neural dysfunction puts stress on the body as a whole. This can lead to your immune system being weakened. Which consequently leads to the body’s poor response to a foreign body, such as a cold virus.

Organs that have a strong relationship with the immune system, such as the lymph nodes and the spleen, communicate with your brain and nerves, and if your nervous system isn’t functioning at an optimal level, a communication breakdown can occur. You can imagine what may happen next. Getting a chiropractic adjustment is a great place to start so you can get any spinal misalignment you may have corrected. Even one adjustment can bring about an immediate immune boost.

More ways to boost your immune system.

Here are some other methods to help you in boosting your immune system.

  • Sleep. This sounds obvious, but so many Americans do not get enough rest. Sleep helps your body reset and recharge. Every system in your body benefits from healthy sleep, this naturally applies to your immune system as well!
  • Vitamins. Ensure you get the recommended amount of vitamin D and vitamin C. You can find vitamin D by stepping outside and getting some sun, and vitamin C from fresh produce that contains it such as oranges. (Florida has plenty of both!)
  • Exercise. Regular exercise improves blood circulation. When your immune system activates to fight a foreign body, such as a cold virus, it needs good circulation to transport immune system substances that stand up to sickness.

If you have questions we are here to help.

Listen to your body, and provide it with what it needs, and by making regular adjustments, you may find yourself fighting immune system illnesses better than before.

Gilbert Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you be the best you possible. Our Chiropractic office in Cocoa Beach serves people of all ages. We want to help you achieve better health by showing you how chiropractic can help boost your immune system!

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